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The Third Allison Newberry Mystery

This week has been spent mostly on working on what I want to write next. I’ve got lots of ideas, some of which are more developed than others, but what I have ultimately decided to work on next is the third Allison Newberry mystery. I feel like I have a very good basis to work from and a story that will be worthy of  being the next step in the series. At present, I’m not ready to actually get into the details  just yet. Suffice it to say that it will continue to live up to the legacy created by the previous two books, by providing an interesting location, lots of different characters, and a few dangers along the road to solving Allison’s third major case. I’ll be sure provide more information in the coming weeks and months.


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Getting Ready for the Next Mystery

As I wait to hear back on that last remaining fixes that are needed for Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold, I’m already hard at work laying the foundation for the next Allison Newberry mystery. As with the first sequel, the second sequel present with me with an opportunity to explore a new setting, a new cast of characters [except the few who are returning], a new mystery to solve, and a new danger for the intrepid detective.

Unfortunately, I’m not ready to go into detail about this particularly story just yet. Suffice it to say, I do have a very good idea and I’ve got a nice foundation set up from which to build my story. What’s important here is to present a new location that is both interesting and a little strange, exciting but frightening; to present a case that is beyond the ordinary, a crime that only Allison could get herself mixed up in; and tie it all together with a cast of characters that feel like real people, with their own motives and their own lives beyond the confines of the story. And, as always, there’s that element of danger. In the first book, it was the city of Illdara. In the second book, it was…well…you’ll have to wait just a little while longer to find out about that one! Don’t worry, though, that danger will certainly find its way into to the third book, as well.

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