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Weekly Goals for 3/04

This week is much the same as last week. I’m still working my way through Beyond Sand and Sky, which is coming along very well. Unfortunately, this phase of writing is fairly slow, because I’m actually doing a lot of rewrites along the way. Just about every sentence in the story is being reworked for quality, coherence, and length. A lot of the sentences were just too long and too convoluted, owing to me going through a phase of wanting more complex and interesting sentence. It sort of worked, and sort of didn’t. I did eventually manage to move away from curt, clinical sentences and develop better writing skills, but the more immediate results included a novel with lots of bloated and confusion sentences. So, I’m taking my current skill level and working to bring the writing quality in this slightly older story up to where it should be at this stage in my development as a writer.

I’m also looking into ways to get more promotion for Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold. I gave away 50 digital copies of the book to interested readers at Library Thing, which I hope will result in a bevy of reviews and some much-needed attention. Another thing I’m doing is contacting websites that review indie books and seeing if any of them are interested in reading it.

Well, those are my two main goals right now: get more people interested in my last book and finish up work on my next book.


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Weekly Report for 9/21

This week my goal was to finish up the second edition of Murder at the End of the World. Well, that didn’t quite happen. I still need a few more days to get everything done that needs getting done, but I’m definitely very close to the end. Everything’s been improved, the writing’s sharper, and I’ve added a few new scenes that really flesh out the narrative and the mystery. I’ve also got the map of Illdara ready to go in the paperback release, which should be a nice little bonus. Nothing massive has been changed, but overall I think it’s ended up being a much better novel. Will there be any more changes after this? Probably not.

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