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Weekly Goals for 3/04

This week is much the same as last week. I’m still working my way through Beyond Sand and Sky, which is coming along very well. Unfortunately, this phase of writing is fairly slow, because I’m actually doing a lot of rewrites along the way. Just about every sentence in the story is being reworked for quality, coherence, and length. A lot of the sentences were just too long and too convoluted, owing to me going through a phase of wanting more complex and interesting sentence. It sort of worked, and sort of didn’t. I did eventually manage to move away from curt, clinical sentences and develop better writing skills, but the more immediate results included a novel with lots of bloated and confusion sentences. So, I’m taking my current skill level and working to bring the writing quality in this slightly older story up to where it should be at this stage in my development as a writer.

I’m also looking into ways to get more promotion for Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold. I gave away 50 digital copies of the book to interested readers at Library Thing, which I hope will result in a bevy of reviews and some much-needed attention. Another thing I’m doing is contacting websites that review indie books and seeing if any of them are interested in reading it.

Well, those are my two main goals right now: get more people interested in my last book and finish up work on my next book.


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Weekly Goals for 2/25

Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold is now finished and available for sale. This was a big project for me, not necessarily in length or the complexity of the story, but in writing a sequel that would continue the tradition set by the original story and exceed it in the ways that it needed to be exceeded. I feel very confident that I was able to do that. If you’ve not gotten your own copy yet, you can find the Kindle version on Amazon and the paperback version on Create Space [links are available on the right side of the main page and in the book specific tag at the top of the main page]. If you’ve already got it, read it and enjoy it!

As for what I’m working on this week, I’m going back to a fantasy story I wrote some time ago and then set aside for a while. It’s a dark fantasy odyssey called Between Sand and Sky about an exiled prince’s search through a desert wasteland for his long-lost sister. It’s a story I’m particularly proud of, because I put a lot of work into creating characters that felt unique and compelling and then giving them ample opportunity to be developed over the course of the story, particularly the relationship between the prince and a slavegirl he rescues along the way. So, for now, I’m getting it all fixed up and fleshing out this rough draft into something that’s ready for people to read it. Hopefully, that won’t take too long.


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Progress Report for 9/14

I finally got Deadeye finished up this week and out in paperback, which was very nice. I’m certainly not going to say that I didn’t like the story [because that would be silly in any number of ways], but I’ve spent so much time working on it this year and in the past couple of years that it got to the point where I was really tired of reading through it again. Being conservative, I’ve probably read through it at least a dozen times. It’s nice to finally be able to move on to something else! But I am satisfied with how it turned out and I hope you will be, too.

The second edition of Murder at the End of the World is still coming along. I’ve found that there were far more little errors and mistakes than I thought could possible be left. How does this happen?! Anyway, I fixed them all and I’ve done some tweaking and fixing and adding elsewhere, too. I’m also going to play around with adding the map I drew up into the paperback version. It will require a bit of work, but it shouldn’t be anything that I can’t handle.

Another week in the books.

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Deadeye: Paperback Release

Here it is at last:


Marshall Elias Watkins is brought in to investigate the massacre at an isolated outpost, where nothing was taken and none of the survivors saw a shooter. The only clue left behind is a line of spent shell casings resting atop a nearby ridge.

Marshal Watkins isn’t the young man he used to be, but a case like this needs somebody who’s seen just about anything and has the nerve not to turn away when the end is in sight. But he’s never seen anything like this before. Together with the best lawmen in the Known Lands, he determines to track down this killer and bring him to justice. Their quarry, however, is no ordinary man and his killing isn’t over just yet.

His trail leads them into raider territory and the irradiated zone and then across the mountains to the east, where no one has ventured near in almost a century. The marshall and his band come face-to-face with all the horrors of a world wrecked by war and radiation, where even a past that seems dead and buried can still come back to haunt the living.

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Weekly Goals for 9/10

Here are the new goals for this new week:

-Continue working on the second edition of Murder at the End of the World

-Release Deadeye in paperback

With the former, my focus is on fleshing out the investigative aspect of the mystery and giving the characters a bit more depth. So far I haven’t made any major changes, but right now I’m just mostly trying to get a feel for the story again and looking for places where I can do some work. More than anything else, really, I realize all over again just how well the story turned out.

For the later, I just got in the proof for Deadeye and I just need to look it over a bit. Barring anything that needs to be changed, it should be ready for release by the end of the week!

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Progress Report for 9/07

Work on the second edition of Murder at the End of the World is coming along smoothly. I’ve made a few changes and a few additions so far, not as many as I initially thought I might make, but I still have some ideas that I want to work on before I finish. A week or two more should get me where I want to be, unless some big ideas strike me during that time.

The paperback of Deadeye is coming along, as well. I got everything set up with CreateSpace and now I’m simply waiting for my proof to arrive so that I can make sure everything looks good. Depending on how fast it ships, I should be able to have the paperback launch by late next week.

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Deadeye: Digital Version Available

It’s here! Deadeye, a scifi-western set in a world recovering from catastrophic war, is now available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords:

Amazon/Kindle – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00945B9YS

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/168772

Shortly the paperback version will be available, as well, so anyone without an e-book reader will have to wait just a bit longer.



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