Murder at the End of the World

When the wife of a politician is murdered in the isolated port-city of Illdara, junior detective Allison Newberry is sent in to keep the case from growing cold. It’s the assignment that no one else wants to deal with.

The case is immediately complicated by the nature of the city. Everyone is cold and unfriendly, unwilling to answer even the most basic questions from an outsider. Even the chief inspector is more concerned with Allison’s eventual departure than with the actual outcome of the case.

To make matters worse, clues are scarce and little about the murder makes sense. No attempt was made to hide the woman’s body, nor was her money or jewelry taken. The initial investigation turns up nothing but dead ends. Then a second victim appears: a homeless man killed in exactly the same manner. A single clue is left behind, the petal of a flower, which leads Allison to the darkest corners of the city.

The suspicion and paranoia, the empty buildings and empty streets, the whispers of strange happenings in the night, it’s clear that something is wrong in Illdara. Somehow it all ties back to the murders, somehow everything makes sense, but Allison constantly struggles against the very nature of the city to try to find some clue, some shred of evidence that will bring the killer to light. Something is wrong in Illdara, something very wrong, and it may put Allison’s life in danger.

Even so, murder has been committed and there’s still a murderer out there who needs to be brought to justice.

MURDER AT THE END OF THE WORLD is a mystery novel that blends elements of fantasy and horror with the traditional detective story.

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