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Fragments of Mind: Now in Paperback

Fragments of Mind, my collection of short stories, is now available in print. Pick up your copy here :


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New Release: Fragments of Mind

It’s finally here! Of course, this is just the digital version of the book; if you have an e-book reader, this is the one you want.

Amazon/Kindle –

Smashwords –

The paperback should be available within the next week or two, so look forward to that!

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Fragments of Mind: Overview

Bringing together eight of my short stories, this collection focuses on the search for one’s place in the world, the struggle between transgression and redemption, following the lives of numerous individuals as they embark on perilous journeys in search of answers. Sometimes that journey is merely living one day to the next.

The Blasted Lands – A mysterious traveler journeys deep into a twisted desert land, in search of something that may very well be the most valuable thing in the world. But the horrors of fabled Iron Town are not to be underestimated.

Illuminus – Two young boys who live day to day, scrounging out a meager existence in a dark and dingy world, find a ray of hope in the most unlikely of places.

My Mechanical Soul – After a series of bizarre incidents involving synthetic humans, two police officers, one human and the other synthetic, take charge of the case and find that there’s something sinister afoot.

In Another Time – Two scientists must venture out into the world they’ve spent nearly four years monitoring when their situation starts to become dangerous. But it’s not the world outside the walls of their research outpost that they must be wary of.

These Tattered Dreams – After the world ends, two robots, one a simpler laborer and the other a deadly assassin, go in search of the last remaining humans.

Two for the Money – Lister Yves is suddenly pulled from his dull existence by an excitable young woman named Mia, who saves him from a band of murderous thugs by kidnapping him. Unfortunately for Lister, that’s just the beginning.

Pollen – Jace has lived his entire life allergic to a particular type of pollen that has spread out over the entire world, leaving him completely isolated in a lonely existence. Everything changes when he meets Ginny.

A Day in the Life of a Dark Lord – It’s tough being a Dark Lord, particularly when you aren’t a very good one. Gordon Lightwater is not a very good Dark Lord.

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Fragments of Mind: Excerpt from “A Day in the Life of a Dark Lord”

~A Day in the Life of a Dark Lord~

 This new day wasn’t particularly dreadful, it actually started out rather wonderfully. Though the sun had still not peaked above the horizon, the birds had already begun to chirp and sing as they congregated in the trees and there was a general air of things being well and truly right.

However, there was a prevailing notion within the castle that it would turn out to be one of those days. Gordon’s bunny rabbit slippers slapped against his feet as he walked through the cold, stone hallways of the castle. He scratched at the small of his back, his eyes barely half-open. The kitchen was now twelve leagues away from the bedroom, up from ten leagues just last year. Or so it seemed.

He arrived in the kitchen after just over five minutes, a new record for most time yet taken. The coffee pot was swept up and piping hot coffee was poured into Gordon’s favorite mug. Something plopped into the mug. This happened several times. Gordon picked up the cup and examined it closely, his brows tightening into a scowl. Several wads of something dreadful bobbed to the surface. The coffee went down the drain and the coffee maker went out the nearest window, making a sound exactly like that of a coffee pot crashing through an antique stained-glass window. Gordon didn’t care.

A distinct odor filled the air in the kitchen, but Gordon couldn’t locate what it was. Something burning, perhaps? A thin wisp of smoke rose from the toaster. He ran over to it and tried to pull out the flaming slices of toast, but only succeeded in burning his fingers. He growled and pressed the release button. Nothing happened. He pressed it again. The toaster sat motionless as more wisps of smoke rose from its metallic depths.

He grabbed the toaster and lifted it above his head. The toaster also went out the window, which was, fortunately, open this time. It flew through the air and landed out on the lawn, where it sat motionless for a time. With a dull click, the tiny springs ejected two pieces of burnt toast onto the ground.


This is definitely the most light-hearted of the short-stories in this collection. The basic idea here was to explore satire, focusing on Gordon, who is meant to be frightening and horrible but who simply comes across as mildly amusing to the locals. Mostly its a satire of the fantasy genre, although I do throw in a few nods to role-playing games, as well, just for good measure. It was easily the most fun to write and, even for myself, to reread again. The tone really let me go a little wild here, just break loose from some of my darker and more serious works and see where these characters led me.


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The Eminence of Bardon Roket: First Review!

Very tongue in cheek satire about the corporate world starring Bardon Roket, a 12 year old boy genius with plans to take over the world.

By age 12 Bardon Roket has graduated university with a degree in Physics. He dreams big and has decided to take over the world. With the help of his 3 new partners, 15 year old Jenna, who will do anything she thinks her parents will hate; Nicholas who knows what the common man, or child in this case, wants; and Ardy who showed up for the free food, is at least 50 years older than the partners Bardon wants and who every now and then wakes from his stupor to offer insight into whatever Bardon is planning; Bardon begins his world domination plans by opening a lemonade stand. Yes, that’s right a lemonade stand! And that is just the beginning.

I just couldn’t stop reading and I snickered through most of it.” 4 out of 5, Sudimatleon [LibraryThing]

This definitely makes me happy! Of course, I’d certainly like to see many more reviews very soon, but it’s good to get started off with something positive.

And now for the relevant links: – Paperback version – Amazon Kindle version – Smashwords version [compatible with all e-readers and digital devices]

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Now in Paperback: The Eminence of Bardon Roket

It’s here!

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The Eminence of Bardon Roket: Retrospective

I wrote The Eminece of Bardon Roket several years ago for a writing competition at NaNoWriMo a few years back. There weren’t any prizes involved, it was just a little self-test to see if you could write a full-length novel in one month’s time. I could. I believe the final total for the month was about 65,000 to 70,000 words, somewhere in that area, and I finished with about a week to spare. It was a nice bit of work and I proved to myself that I could conceive and write a full novel in less than a month. Of course, I’ve spent far more time than that getting the book fixed up and fleshed out to where I feel comfortable releasing it, but such is the life of the writer.

The basic idea behind the book was to write something a bit different from what I usually wrote [i.e. fantasy and science fiction] and do something a bit more…literary. I also wanted it to have a bit of a satirical edge to it. I’ve dabbled in that realm before, mucking about with some satirical fantasy during a stint of reading lots of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. They were generally short and generally inconsequential. The Eminence of Bardon Roket aimed higher.

If I had to compare it to another work, I would say that it pulled most of its influence from Citizen Kane. One man up against a powerful, deeply-ingrained, and self-rewarding system that’s allowed a small few to prosper at the expense of everyone else. Bardon’s goals are a bit more…selfish…than Charles Foster Kane’s, of course, but he does still have that rebellious, outsider perspective to him and his enemies are mostly the establishment [politicians and business leaders]. It should be noted that I have no illusions of my novel being anywhere near as good as Citizen Kane, just so we’re clear on that!

This was a fun book to write. I got to break away from the usual and I got to tell a story that can be, at times, rather silly. Will we see more of Bardon Roket in the future? Probably not. This is a one-off story that ends right where I wanted it to end. I could always follow the characters a little bit farther through their lives, but I just don’t feel like there would really be any point to doing it. Having said that, I do hope you enjoy The Eminence of Bardon Roket.

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