What’s this all about?

I’m an amateur writer in my 20’s, just trying to get my work off the ground and make something of myself. It’s not always easy to work day after day with nothing to show for it but a folder of Word documents that keep increasing in size, but getting to do something that I truly love and watch as my thoughts and ideas become physical is a great experience.
My first self-published novel is a murder-mystery called “Murder at the End of the World”, available on Amazon, B&N’s Nook store, and Smashwords.

11 responses to “What’s this all about?

  1. There’s a lot I’ve read in just a few peak of your posts that I agree with and love how you express yourself with words. I’m also a 20 something struggling as an amateur writer to get something worthwhile out there.

    I’ll definitely be reading your book soon. Keep writing! =)

  2. I’m glad you liked what you read! It’s not always fun or glamorous struggling to make it as a writer, but little things like a few words of encouragement somehow make it worthwhile.

  3. Hey Jonathan, I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for your posts and comments on my blog. Here is the link: http://cassidycornblatt.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  4. Your posts are genuine and encouraging and I’m enjoying having a read through your back luck.
    Good luck on the Writer’s Road!

  5. There are so many of us out here struggling to make a go of our great love; words and thought provoking accounts. A lot of us, like you and I are in our twenties and need some guidance but that seems to be a little scarce at times.

    From what I’ve read (and that was a quick scan b/c I’m at work), you’re good. Keep it up.

    What’s your day like? Are you thinking on the go and wish you could somehow have your thoughts magically transcribed on the page? I’m doing that all the time.

    • My one wish is to have someone who will write out all my ideas for me. I’ve got a ton of ideas, things that I’d really, really love to write out into a full story, but it’ll never happen because there’s just too many of them!

      I’m not doing much writing at the moment, right now it’s all about editing and tweaking. My backlog of finished novels got pretty big before I finally decided to try to the self-publishing route.

      • Why did you decided to go that way?

        Did you try getting an agent?
        Contact some editors? Publishing Houses?

        What was your approach?

      • I sent out quite a few queries for several different novels, but I just never did get any response back. It got to the point where I really just wanted to try to do things on my own, see where that go me. Things have been slow in the self-publishing arena, but I have sold some books and I have gotten some responses from people who’ve read them. Just gotta keep working at it.

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