Weekly Goals for 2/04

I’ve got in the proof copy of Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold and I’ve got a third-party to read it through for me. I was really hoping to get it released this week and that’s still a possibility, but I also want to make sure that what’s released is as free of errors and mistakes as possible, so that means waiting just a little bit longer. I can say that the paperback I put together this time really looks good. The cover and the cover image really worked great this time, especially thanks to a slight bump in the resolution of the image I used. With the documents used for the book itself, I worked to figure out a way to get a proper header with the name of the book and my name alternating between each page, along with a page count on the outer corner. So, it all just makes it look a little more professional and the extra work definitely paid off.

Right now, it’s virtually ready to go, I just need to wait on a few minor adjustments.


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