Weekly Goals for 1/07

First full week of the new year and I’m getting it started by continuing from where I left off last week and last year! So far, I’ve got half a page of little things that need fixing, mostly just grammatical errors and the like, and a Word document with a short list of larger things that need to be fixed [or added]. The end of the editing stage is definitely in sight, I’m working to fix all those little things that need to be fixed and I’ve got a good idea about the last few bits of story that need to be added in. Overall, the story is working exactly how I wanted it to when I started writing this book. I still want to do a little work on the ending, which I think isn’t quite as good as could be, but that’s a minor issue and represents only a very small part of the whole.

So, for now, I’ll keep working and hopefully have this book all finished up in a few weeks.


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One response to “Weekly Goals for 1/07

  1. Yahoo, the end is in sight!!

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