New Year, Back to Work

After a bit of time away from writing for Christmas and New Years, it’s time to get right back into it.

I’d say that at present I’m about 85%-90% to what the finished product of Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold should be. Basically, the story’s been written, now it’s just a matter of adding that last layer of polish that makes the difference between a neat story and a good book. Unfortunately, those last few percentage points are by far the hardest to write. It might take just a month to write the story, but can take two, three, or even more months to actually get it finished up. Fortunately, things have been going smoothly in the polishing stage, so I don’t anticipate this last stage taking too terribly long. I’ve still got a few more mistakes to correct and a few more scenes to work on, but the story is definitely coming together the way I want it to.

As of right now, I think I can probably have the next Allison Newberry mystery finished before the end of January.


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  1. Keep up the great work you have been doing!!

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