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Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold – Final Excerpt

~In His Own Words~

Nigel and Frederick removed the back plate from Maximilian, exposing the metal organs contained within his torso. The old program scroll was removed and the new one was carefully installed. The back was replaced. The two men stepped back. For a moment, Maximilian stood perfectly still.

Then its arms twitched. The head tilted forward, like a polite bow.

“My friends, my family,” said Maximilian.

Michael gasped. “Father!”

The voice was the voice of his father, the same voice that Maximilian had spoken with earlier. A murmur rippled through the gathered host.

“I welcome you to my manor on this sad day. If you are bearing witness to this message, then I am dead. Would that we could all gather under different circumstances, but it was not to be. The void has taken me, and no powers of this world can bring me back to you.”

The automaton paused and its voice was stilled, only the rattling of its gears remained. For that brief moment of silence, everyone held their breath.

“Michael, I know that you wish my fortune for yourself, but I cannot give it you. Lucille, you were my joy, but the fortune is not for you. Evie, I had high hopes for you, but you have not earned what was mine. Roland, your years of faithful service are not forgotten, but I cannot entrust my legacy to one without an eye for science. Silas, you, above anyone else, have earned my respect, but you lack the drive to make anything more than children’s toys.”

Maximilian turned to Xavier Vanderbilt. Its shimmering eyes were piercing and knowing, seeming to bore a hole straight through him.

“Xavier, you covet what I built above anyone else, you want what I have so badly that you can scarcely breath, but you would squander it all on vain pursuits. Even so, I will give you the same opportunity to take what was mine.”

“Bluster and theatrics,” Xavier mumbled.

But Maximilian continued unabated. “The manner of my death was murder, and the one who orchestrated my death is among you. But he shall receive the same opportunity as the rest. I harbor no thoughts of revenge or retribution, only that a suitable successor shall be found. This has been my one goal for more than a decade and this one goal is all that matters. All that is flesh and blood must decay, but an idea is eternal.”


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Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold – The Second Allison Newberry Mystery

~The Second Allison Newberry Mystery~

Having finally returned from her first case, Detective Allison Newberry is immediately sent on to her next: the murder of a famed inventor. But she won’t be solving this one alone. Another detective, the opinionated and unlikable Alistair Mooney, has been sent along as her assistant.

The murdered inventor, Gregory Williams, had surrounded himself with a technological world filled with his own creations, even going so far as to build a fake town to act as the outward expression of his personal obsessions. The few who live in the town full-time were utterly devoted to him, even as they despised each other, making it difficult to determine who might have committed the crime.

However, it is not the people or the town that make this case so bizarre. Living within the walls of the house are dozens of automatons, mechanical servants who will never grow tired and will never complain about any orders they’re given. One automaton in particular, Maximilian, is far more advanced than any of the others, and even possesses the ability to speak in the voice of his creator.

Allison is suspicious of him, Alistair despises him, but it is not Maximilian that poses the greatest threat to all those gather for the funeral, but rather it is Gregory Williams himself…

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Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold – Back Cover

Back Cover - Small

This will be appearing on the back cover of paperback version. I decided to just do something simple here, combining a clip from the front cover and a simple tagline. It works pretty well, I think.

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Weekly Goals for 1/28

I spent all of today getting everything ready to send off to Create Space so that Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold can get it’s paperback version out as quickly as possible. ┬áSo, I got all that taken care of, now it’s just a matter of waiting for Create Space to check what I sent them and then to purchase [and wait for] a proof copy. I’ll check the proof copy and then all I have to do is tell Create Space that it’s ready to start being sold. Easy as that!

Depending on what their shipping time is, the next Allison Newberry mystery should be ready for everyone to purchase by Monday of next week.

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Weekly Report for 1/25

I’ve got the cover taken care of and I just finished the final reading. Essentially, the book is finished! I may do one last little sweep tomorrow, just to make sure I didn’t forget anything that I wanted to add or fix, but I don’t foresee that taking more than half an hour or so. What that means is that all I have left to do is work out the formatting on the files I send to Amazon and Create Space and then wait until they’re both ready to go. So, the goal is now in sight and I’m on that last leg of the race!

The only thing that will take a while is waiting for Create Space to send my proof copy of the paperback, but that shouldn’t be more than a few days.

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Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold – Cover

Front Cover - Small

And here it is! Turned out very well, much better than I was expecting. I got a different artist this time than I did for the first Allison Newberry mystery, but I think it was ultimately the right choice.

Now, as for the writing part, I’m working my way through a final reading of the story, looking for any little mistakes that have managed to slip through. After that, I’ll make the corrections and then get to work on formatting and laying everything out for release Amazon and Create Space.

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Weekly Report for 1/18

With this week coming to a close, I would say that I’m about 99% completed with Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold. The main bit of work was inserting and fleshing out some key scenes that I felt added to the depth of the overall story and gave a better picture of the characters that inhabit it. Everything has come together smoothly and I have about one more day of work before a final read-through of the story to ensure I haven’t missed anything. So, that’s where I am right now: just a few short days away from putting the cap on this writing journey and prepping for its upcoming release. Look forward to it!

The book cover should be ready to unveil sometime next week, as well.

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