Weekly Report for 11/30

It’s finished! Well, it has an ending now, at least. Coming in at just over 66,000 words, Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold was finally capped off with a wrap-up and an ending. It took maybe a bit longer than I hoped it would, but some of what I was writing was new territory for me and I didn’t want to rush through it without thinking some things out first. Regardless, the first draft is finished.

From now on, I will be deep into edit mode, where I ferret out all those annoying little issues and mistakes that need correcting. There are also a few things that I want to revisit after the whole story has had time to percolate in my mind for a while. Usually some good ideas bubble up to the surface when I least expect them, sometimes more than a month after the first draft and I don’t want to miss any of those good ideas. That’s likely to take up the rest of this year, so I wouldn’t expect to have the final version ready until January of next year, at the very least.

Another month of waiting, unfortunately, but that extra month will ensure that this book is the best one that I could write. Look for to it!


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One response to “Weekly Report for 11/30

  1. I’m so glad you have the ending. Yes, you need to let it percolate some. You don’t want to let it go, and then, see where you could have done something that would make a lot of difference in the content..
    Happy Editing

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