Weekly Report for 11/12

Kicking off another week of writing and so far so good. This week, I’d like to get close to an ending to Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold. Maybe not quite all the way to the actual ending, but to the point where the ending is at least in sight. I think I can do that with what I have so far and what I’ll do this week. That would probably put the final tally on the word count at 65,000 words [or 260 pages], a jump up from the first Allison Newberry mystery. For right now, I’ll keep writing what it feels appropriate to write [that’s my go-to writing style], but bearing in mind that the ending is just over the horizon. So, hopefully I’ll have some very good news to report on Friday about how the story is shaping up! Of course, even when I do have the ending written down, I’ll still need quite a bit of time to iron everything out and make sure it’s ready to be released.


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  1. Sounds good!! I ‘m waiting for Allison to do her stuff again!!!

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