Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold – Cast of Characters

The following is a list of all the major characters in Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold, including their ages and a little bit about them:

Alistair Mooney – [28] A member of the capital’s police force with three years of experience in the major crimes division. Alistair is not well liked and has a habit of voicing his opinions even when they’re not wanted.

Gregory Williams – [65] A genius inventor who was well-versed in the creation of automatons and mechanical systems.  He accumulated a vast fortune from selling his designs, which he used to build a bizarre manor and the town that surrounded it. Gregory was murdered in his study leading up to the events of the story.

Michael Williams – [38] Son of inventor Gregory Williams and a successful banker back at the capital. He arrived at his father’s manor several days before the murder, supposedly to talk with his father about the family fortune.

Lucille Williams – [26] Youngest child of Gregory Williams. She loves her father’s work, despite living away from him for much of her life. Lucille is an accomplished big game hunter and archaeologist.

Silas Rudwig – [77] Owner of a toy shop in town, where he has lived since the town was first built. Knows more about Gregory Williams than just about anyone.

Stuart Billings [37] – Manor groundskeeper, a large and quiet man.

Roland Bitters – [72] Chief of Gregory Williams’ house staff, has served in that position for years. Roland is a dour man, made all the more dour because of his master’s death. He takes his job very seriously.

Evie Glendale – [24] Apothecary for the town. She arrived ten years ago and took over from the aging man who ran the shop before her, little is known about her life before that. She would often visit with Gregory and eventually became something of an apprentice to him.

Nigel Cunningham – [34] Executor of the Williams estate.

Reginald and Stephanie Bishop [31 and 30] – Proprietors of the “Taste of Paradise” restaurant, known to pass along gossip quite regularly.

Franklyn Morris [28] – An associate of industrial magnate Daniel W. Astor.

Frederick Holland [55] – Handyman who repairs and maintains the automatons and other machines at the manor.

Xavier Vanderbilt [65] – Ruthless industrialist who will do anything for a profit. Xavier has visited Gregory Williams a number of times, reportedly in an attempt to gain control of his designs by whatever means necessary.

Maximilian [??] – The most advanced automaton Mr. Williams created. Maximilian even has the ability to speak [in Gregory Williams’s voice].

Lewis Blackburn [19] – A member of the manor’s help staff, usually works in the kitchen. Young, but dependable.

Reginald St. George [42] – Solicitor for Xavier Vanderbilt.


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