Weekly Goals for 9/24

New goals for the new week:

-Finish up the second edition of Murder at the End of the World

-Look into some ways to get a little publicity going

-Being work on the next Allison Newberry mystery

Getting all of my already-written stories ready for publishing has been a fun exercise, certainly, but I’m really excited to be just writing new material again. Sometimes it really felt like I was bogged down in the editing cycle and just wasn’t having a much fun as I did when I was just writing. But that’s all over, once I finally get Murder at the End of the World finished and re-published. From there, it’s on to Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold, the next mystery novel starring Allison Newberry!


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One response to “Weekly Goals for 9/24

  1. Really anxious to read that . I loved Alison, she is a great detective.
    BTW, “Deadeye” is a page turner! It marches right along, with new excitement literally around every corner. You have done a great job with it!

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