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Paperback of “Murder” Second Edition is Ready!

Got the proof in the mail today and it looks great! The map is just a little bit fuzzy, but it’s more than clear enough to be legible. Overall, I am very happy with how this all turned out. The story and writing are better, the book itself is much more professional looking [with the map in front and page numbers on each page]. I was able to take all the little things I’ve learned over the past 8 months are put together a really nice second edition. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Link to paperback version:


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Proof for “Murder” Second Edition Ordered!

I put together the paperback version of Murder at the End of the World through CreateSpace and it all looks good so far. Getting the map just right was a little tough, but I think it’s going to turn out to be a nice little addition and give some clarity to how all the locations in the city relate to one another.

I’m really happy in general with how the second edition has turned out. I’ve made some changes and added some content here and there, really punched things up considerably. Really, I wish I would have thought of these things back in February! But that’s the writing process, you can keep changing and keep adding until you’re blue in the face. The story as it is now, however, is how it will remain. So don’t look forward to a third edition, instead look forward to the sequel!

Hopefully, I can have the paperback version ready for sale before the end of the month, but that all depends on how long it takes to get the proof and review it.

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Weekly Goals for 9/24

New goals for the new week:

-Finish up the second edition of Murder at the End of the World

-Look into some ways to get a little publicity going

-Being work on the next Allison Newberry mystery

Getting all of my already-written stories ready for publishing has been a fun¬†exercise, certainly, but I’m really excited to be just writing new material again. Sometimes it really felt like I was bogged down in the editing cycle and just wasn’t having a much fun as I did when I was just writing. But that’s all over, once I finally get Murder at the End of the World finished and re-published. From there, it’s on to Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold, the next mystery novel starring Allison Newberry!

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Weekly Report for 9/21

This week my goal was to finish up the second edition of Murder at the End of the World. Well, that didn’t quite happen. I still need a few more days to get everything done that needs getting done, but I’m definitely very close to the end. Everything’s been improved, the writing’s sharper, and I’ve added a few new scenes that really flesh out the narrative and the mystery. I’ve also got the map of Illdara ready to go in the paperback release, which should be a nice little bonus. Nothing massive has been changed, but overall I think it’s ended up being a much better novel. Will there be any more changes after this? Probably not.

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Weekly Goals for 9/17

Goals for the new week:

-Figure out a way to get my map of Illdara into the paperback version of Murder at the End of the World

-Finish up the second edition of Murder at the End of the World and get it released

The first goal proved to be a lot trickier than I initially thought it would. First off, I had to completely redraw the map using a mouse and trying to get it to look as close as possible to the one I drew up before I started writing the book. Not that easy. Ultimately, it looks slightly different, but all the information is virtually the same, so it’ll definitely work the way I want it to. Next was trying to get the size right so that it will fit in the document file that I have to upload to Create Space. Probably took me a good 2-3 hours in all, but I think it’s going to work.

Writing on the second edition of Murder at the End of the World is coming along well. I added a bit more to it today and although it wasn’t a huge addition, I added a few bits that tie in really nicely to the last couple of chapters and flesh out the whole mystery/investigation.


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Progress Report for 9/14

I finally got Deadeye finished up this week and out in paperback, which was very nice. I’m certainly not going to say that I didn’t like the story [because that would be silly in any number of ways], but I’ve spent so much time working on it this year and in the past couple of years that it got to the point where I was really tired of reading through it again. Being conservative, I’ve probably read through it at least a dozen times. It’s nice to finally be able to move on to something else! But I am satisfied with how it turned out and I hope you will be, too.

The second edition of Murder at the End of the World is still coming along. I’ve found that there were far more little errors and mistakes than I thought could possible be left. How does this happen?! Anyway, I fixed them all and I’ve done some tweaking and fixing and adding elsewhere, too. I’m also going to play around with adding the map I drew up into the paperback version. It will require a bit of work, but it shouldn’t be anything that I can’t handle.

Another week in the books.

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Deadeye: Paperback Release

Here it is at last:

Marshall Elias Watkins is brought in to investigate the massacre at an isolated outpost, where nothing was taken and none of the survivors saw a shooter. The only clue left behind is a line of spent shell casings resting atop a nearby ridge.

Marshal Watkins isn’t the young man he used to be, but a case like this needs somebody who’s seen just about anything and has the nerve not to turn away when the end is in sight. But he’s never seen anything like this before. Together with the best lawmen in the Known Lands, he determines to track down this killer and bring him to justice. Their quarry, however, is no ordinary man and his killing isn’t over just yet.

His trail leads them into raider territory and the irradiated zone and then across the mountains to the east, where no one has ventured near in almost a century. The marshall and his band come face-to-face with all the horrors of a world wrecked by war and radiation, where even a past that seems dead and buried can still come back to haunt the living.

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