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Deadeye: Digital Version Available

It’s here! Deadeye, a scifi-western set in a world recovering from catastrophic war, is now available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords:

Amazon/Kindle –

Smashwords –

Shortly the paperback version will be available, as well, so anyone without an e-book reader will have to wait just a bit longer.




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Weekly Goals for 8/27

Starting this week, I’ll be putting up a post on Monday that outlines what I plan to do for the rest of the week. That way I can give everyone an idea of what I’m currently working on and working towards. For this week:

-Finish the final draft of Deadeye

-Release Deadeye digitally through Smashwords and Amazon Kindle

-Prepare the paperback release of Deadeye through CreateSpace

-If these get finished early, I’ll start back on the next Allison Newberry mystery


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Deadeye: Progress Report for 8/24

Work on the book has been delayed a bit due to other matters having to take precedence, though I’ve been getting in some work on it here and there anyway. As things stand now, I’m currently working my way through the final version of the book, correcting any lingering mistakes and punching up any sections that have escape being punched up in previous version. I’m happy with how things are going in that regard and I think it’s all really coming together in this last push. As of right now, Deadeye is approximately 74,000 words, or 296 pages.

Bear with me a little bit longer and I’ll have this ready for release pretty soon. Given my current status and rate of progress, I would expect that digital version to be ready next week with the paperback coming the week after.

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Staying Motivated

The number one problem for any writer is staying motivated. A lack of motivation leads to poor writing, less writing, and a general feeling of malaise whenever writing is occurring. Anyone who has ever written for an extended period of time has been in this situation. It’s not fun and it’s an easy trap to tall into. In a world of increasing distractions [cell phones and the internet, especially], that trap is all the more easily fallen into. So, where does motivation come from?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to that question. Motivation comes from a wide variety of locations and those locations can vary wildly from one person to the next. For me, most of my motivation has come from a desire to take the many stories that I invent in my head and write them down. The joy of creation, of making something interesting from raw materials. That’s gotten me quite a long way.

Recently, however, my goal has shifted from simply creating to an attempt to turn my writing hobby into a writing career. That’s brought with it a host of problems to deal with and added a laundry list of things that I need to do. The joy of creation is no longer the primary motivator anymore. It’s just not enough to write something down and then say to myself “Yeah, that was pretty good.” Now my motivation comes more often from feedback, from hearing the thoughts of the people who purchase and read what I’ve written. And that’s all well and good, because I’ve heard some very positive reactions, but what happens when things slow down and the feedback dries up?

That’s where the malaise hits hard. It’s more difficult to write something good, it’s more difficult to wrote for a prolonged period of time, it’s more difficult to just sit down in front of the computer and work. And that’s what writing, in those unmotivated moments, becomes. Work. It’s no longer that fun hobby that you’re doing for fun, it’s a job that you’re doing because you have to. And that’s why it’s so important to power through those times, so that you can find new motivation and inspiration to keep you going.

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Deadeye: Map of the Known Lands

Currently I’m finishing up the last little touches on Deadeye. I’d have been finished with it sooner, but I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks with other things so I haven’t been able to give my writing my full attention. Anyway, it will be done sooner rather than later, so look forward to it!

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Deadeye – Excerpt #3

~A Confession~

On the way home, Elias wandered into the church. He hadn’t really meant to go there, but that’s where his feet took him. He sat down at the back and waited for Father Haskins to emerge from wherever it was that he spent his time during the day when nobody was around. Elias realized then that he hadn’t even seen the man’s face before and only knew the priest’s name because he’d heard someone else say it once. Then he heard the creak of old wood.

“Speak you sins, my son.”

“I…took the easy road,” Elias admitted, “even though I knew it was wrong. They offered me a way out, and a bonus, to give up when I was so close to the truth. And I took it.”

The elderly priest was quiet for a time.


“There are few men in this world who would see the sin in such an act. Who is harmed? Who has sustained damages? No one, or so we often allow ourselves to believe. To take the easy road when it is offered, why this is not a sin at all, so we say. Merely a way to make everyone’s life easier. What made you bring this sin to me, my son?”

“Because I wanted to know the truth and I wanted everyone else to know it, as well,” Elias said.

“There is only one truth, but many lies. Can you discern which is which?”

Elias sighed. “I don’t know, Father, I really don’t. Is it possible for my sins to be forgiven while the truth remains hidden?”

“The deception will hang above your head for the rest of your life,” Father Haskins said. “Can you face God knowing this?”

“Thank you, Father,” Elias said, standing up.

“Go with God, my son.”

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