The World of “Deadeye”

The novel “Deadeye” is set in a region of the world called the Known Lands, which is a chunk of desert wasteland about the size of Texas. 75 years ago this bit of land wasn’t a whole different from the world of today, but then war came, nuclear war, leaving very little behind. Those who survived the war banded together into rough settlements that have slowly become the seven cities of the Known Lands: Tula, Grant City, Southbend, Maersk, Autumn, New Paulson, and Devlin, each headed up by a governor. No central government exists and the military rarely interferes with the operation of the seven cities, preferring to stay behind the stout walls of Fort Jostin and Fort Aspen.

The Known Lands are bordered on the north-east by the Red Forest, a once-great forest exposed to a high degree of radiation that’s said to have turned all the trees a dark shade of red and left the local wildlife horribly mutated. To the south is a patch of land controlled by bands of nomadic raiders, who often venture into the Known Lands in search of merchant caravans and outposts to attack. To the south-west is the Irradiated Zone, a region that’s still too dangerous too traverse because of high concentrations of radiation. To the east is a range of mountains that no one has crossed since the end of the war, no one knows what lies beyond them.

After the war, most of the technology of the modern world was lost. A few weapons, pistols and rifles, remain, along with some other technological relics, but much of the present world has reverted back to the mid-19th century: farming with hand tools, riding on horses and in wagons, and digging deep wells to find water. Houses are a mixture of what wood could be salvaged and mud bricks, forming a hodgepodges in the cities and outposts of varying building styles.

With the passage of time, few can recall the world as it once was and the devastation had destroyed any physical evidence. The people of the wasteland have had to build a new world, constructed with only a very limited knowledge of how things used to be.


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