Deadeye – Excerpt #2


 Grace, who was bent over the corpse of a guard, suddenly straightened. “Get behind something!” she yelled.

A bullet screeched through the air, bounced off the ground, and grazed Reilly’s leg. He let out a yelp of pain as blood spattered the dirt behind him. Everyone scattered. Elias grabbed Reilly and pulled him down behind the wreckage of one of the wagons. Another shot pecked the wood behind them. The crack of the first shot finally reached them.

Elias carefully looked around the side of the wreckage. A bullet bounced off the ground a few inches from his face, throwing up dirt into his eyes. He quickly brushed the dirt away with the back of his hand and then glanced around for the others. Grace had made it back to the wagon and was squatting behind one of the wheels with her rifle. Lina was using a small mirror to look around the edge of the wreckage she was hiding behind. Killeen and Ulman were hiding down in a ditch on the western side of the road.

“How bad is he hurt?” Killeen asked, his voice low.

“Just grazed, Marshal,” Reilly said between gritted teeth. He held onto the wound with one hand, but blood oozed between his fingers. He’d need a doctor soon.

“Grace, can you see where he’s at?” Elias asked.

“Sorry, Marshal,” Grace said, “the sun’s at his back. I can’t see anything.”

“Lina, can you take him out?”

“It’d take me a few seconds to get setup for a shot,” she replied. “He’d get me before then.”

Elias breathed deep and then exhaled. He could feel his heart beating far faster than it ought to at his age.


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