The Eminence of Bardon Roket: Retrospective

I wrote The Eminece of Bardon Roket several years ago for a writing competition at NaNoWriMo a few years back. There weren’t any prizes involved, it was just a little self-test to see if you could write a full-length novel in one month’s time. I could. I believe the final total for the month was about 65,000 to 70,000 words, somewhere in that area, and I finished with about a week to spare. It was a nice bit of work and I proved to myself that I could conceive and write a full novel in less than a month. Of course, I’ve spent far more time than that getting the book fixed up and fleshed out to where I feel comfortable releasing it, but such is the life of the writer.

The basic idea behind the book was to write something a bit different from what I usually wrote [i.e. fantasy and science fiction] and do something a bit more…literary. I also wanted it to have a bit of a satirical edge to it. I’ve dabbled in that realm before, mucking about with some satirical fantasy during a stint of reading lots of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. They were generally short and generally inconsequential. The Eminence of Bardon Roket aimed higher.

If I had to compare it to another work, I would say that it pulled most of its influence from Citizen Kane. One man up against a powerful, deeply-ingrained, and self-rewarding system that’s allowed a small few to prosper at the expense of everyone else. Bardon’s goals are a bit more…selfish…than Charles Foster Kane’s, of course, but he does still have that rebellious, outsider perspective to him and his enemies are mostly the establishment [politicians and business leaders]. It should be noted that I have no illusions of my novel being anywhere near as good as Citizen Kane, just so we’re clear on that!

This was a fun book to write. I got to break away from the usual and I got to tell a story that can be, at times, rather silly. Will we see more of Bardon Roket in the future? Probably not. This is a one-off story that ends right where I wanted it to end. I could always follow the characters a little bit farther through their lives, but I just don’t feel like there would really be any point to doing it. Having said that, I do hope you enjoy The Eminence of Bardon Roket.


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