The Eminence of Bardon Roket: Final Excerpt

~The Planting of a Seed~

When the morning of their next meeting came, Bardon dressed quickly and left his room just as the sun was rising. As he made his way through the apartment, he heard the television blaring. Mother was standing in front of it. Her arms were folded across her chest in the manner she generally folded them when there was something happening in her presence that she was mildly in disapproval of.

“What’s all the commotion, Mother?”

“It’s the mayor,” she said, “he’s going to run for reelection this year. Can’t imagine why, but I suppose he’s still got enough support left to make a go at it.”

“Mayor Griffon? The man’s hardly more than a stuffed shirt, I agree, Mother, but he’s no different than any other politician to sit in that chair.”

“Oh, I do hope a good candidate comes from the Blue party this year,” Mother said, ignoring her son’s political commentary.

Bardon considered responding to that with a snark-filled comment, based on the ability of the Blue party to, without fail, come up with the candidate most likely to fall flat on his face at the worst possible moment, but a thought was already manifesting itself in his mind. The thought was wild and improbable, probably even outlandish. There were so many words that he could use to describe the plan that were the exact opposite of ‘logical’ and ‘possible,’ but the same could be said of every aspect of his plan. They’d need money first, a lot of money, and influence with the right people, which would hardly come cheaply or easily. A light flickered in Bardon’s eye and a smile crept across his face as his mind worked furiously. An opportunity had presented itself.


It’s really, really positively finished this time! I’ve gone through all of The Eminence of Bardon Roket once more, picking out all the little mistakes I could find and punching up sentences and paragraphs where a bit of punching up was needed. By this time tomorrow, you should be able to buy it yourself!


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  1. Woo Hoo!! Can hardly wait!!

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