The Eminence of Bardon Roket: Excerpt #4

~A Quiet Moment~

Bardon and Jenna boarded a dirigible heading back towards the office. By then, the sun was nearly below the horizon. The world was stained a violent shade of crimson and shadows were long and dark, stretching further and further even as they faded into the oncoming night.

“It’s beautiful, don’t you think?” Jenna asked, staring through the window at the setting sun.

“Very beautiful,” Bardon said, loosening his tie. “I’ve always enjoyed watching the sunset from the roof of the Anderson Arms. It’s a shame we don’t get to see it more often.”

Jenna brushed away several locks of hair that had strayed down over her eyes. “You’re always so busy, Bardon, always working. I know the work’s important to you, but maybe you should take a break sometime and try to relax.”

“I’ve never been one to relax,” he replied, leaning back in his seat. “My mind is always working and my body gets pulled along behind it, no matter how I might wish it otherwise. Maybe someday, when I have what I want, I can relax, but not yet.”

Jenna turned away from the window, then leaned back and shut her eyes. She was a business partner and, without question, a close friend, which was a rarity in its own right for Bardon, but he couldn’t help but feel that their friendship could easily become more. To be clear, Bardon, while knowledgeable in many areas, was not entirely an expert on the concept of love, since he was, as has been stated many times before, still only twelve years old. There are many things that intelligence can bring, but some things must be experienced in order to be truly understood. He watched her for a moment as she dozed and then turned his gaze back to the city.

Even while sitting perfectly still, Bardon’s mind continued to operate at full capacity, running through a variety of problems and potential problems and trying to figure out what the things he didn’t understand meant. There were always so very many. And never enough time.


Work’s still coming along, slowly but surely. I’m think I might be finished by Monday of next week, at the earliest. It’s definitely less than a week from release.


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