The Eminence of Bardon Roket: Excerpt #3

~In Which Things Get Serious~

As Bardon and Nicholas went through the large double-doors again, they were immediately mobbed by members of the press. They lobbed a barrage of questions, none of which Bardon currently cared to answer, and they seemed intent on not allowing him to walk down the hallway without answering at least a few of them.

He grabbed Nicholas by the arm and pulled him along.

“We’re not answering any questions at this time, I’m afraid. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to get this campaign off the ground. Just be patient and we’ll have a press release ready for you.”

Even as Bardon pushed his way through the press of bodies, someone else was also pushing his way through, going the other way.

“Bardon Roket!” the man yelled.

Bardon turned just in time to see the flash of pointy metal flying through the air, aimed directly at his chest.


Things do get serious, yes, just a bit serious. Shouldn’t be much longer before I’m ready to release this thing, maybe by the end of the next week. Work is also going smoothly with my collection of short stories, I should be able to get some more information out about that within a week or two.


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One response to “The Eminence of Bardon Roket: Excerpt #3

  1. Oh yes, things are getting serious. I wasn’t expecting that, maybe a gunshot, but a knife? No way was I expecting that.

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