Coming Soon: Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold

I know I mentioned another novel as being the next one I intended to write [after fixing up all the novels I’ve already finished], but that one has slid to the back-burner for the time being.  Inspiration struck and when inspiration strikes, you’ve got to grab onto it and follow it wherever it goes. With that in mind, I’ll throw out a little peek at what I’ve decided to begin writing in earnest very soon:

The house was enormous. From without it had not looked so strange, merely the large, ornate home of a man of wealth. The inside, however, made it clear just what this house was: an architect’s nightmare, the life’s work of a mind teetering between genius and madness. No less than a maze of rooms and corridors marked by continuous construction over the course of nearly forty years.

Pipes hissing with stream jutted from the walls everywhere, looping and coiling like metal worms digging their way through the house, restless in their gentle probing. The hands of the giant clock silently counted the seconds, minutes, and hours beneath a sheet of clear glass in the floor of the main room. Gears hummed and whirred in the distance, never ending in their work, even though their creator now lay dead.


This will be the next novel in the Allison Newberry mystery series. After hearing back from people who’d read the first story, I really got to feeling like I didn’t want thing to just end after the first story. I already had a couple of ideas in mind, but they were just very rough ideas. So, I took the one I liked the most and gave it a detailed location and some character outlines. Things have started falling into place very quickly and I’m already several pages deep into the story. This time around I intend not to do anything fancy with the central mystery, it won’t be a case of two sides trying to pull Allison in separate directions. The idea behind the first story was to establish that Allison, though not highly skilled in investigative and deductive matters, was highly tenacious and would not let a mystery go while it remained unsolved. The idea behind the second story is to test just how well Allison can follow and piece together a set of clues that no one set up for her beforehand.

I’ll take what I learned from the first story and apply it all to the second, hopefully coming away with a mystery that’s even more interesting.



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2 responses to “Coming Soon: Eyes of Diamond, Hair of Gold

  1. It sounds amazing! 😀 And it will be good to see how Allison does when facing a new case. ^^

    Best of luck writing this up! I’ll be cheering from here and hoping for your next book to be great. 😉 (And still wishing I could go live in Illdara and escape this awful summer ^^)


  2. I can hardly wait. 🙂 I already like Allison and I haven’t even met her yet!!

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