Murder at the End of the World: One Month Later

It’s been exactly one month since Murder at the End of the World was released and my works found their way at last into the public consciousness. I’ve been working hard since then to get my novel into as many venues as possible and to fix up any lingering issues with the work itself that managed to slip past my many edits. It’s been a gamut of excitement, disappointment, surging triumph, and nervous anticipation. Just about any kind of emotion you can imagine has appeared at one point or another. I’m delighted by the success I’ve had so far and disappointed that I haven’t achieved more success. Does that sound strange? I suppose it probably does. Even so, I’ve been hard at work getting my next novel ready for release, to hopefully add to the small base of readers that I’ve managed to accumulate over the past month, but that’s a story for another day.

I feel good about how Murder at the End of the World turned out, I feel proud that I wrote the story and was able to do with it most of the things I wanted to do. Having said that, it could always be a stronger story and this month has given me more ideas that I wish I’d thought of before. But I don’t think I’ll really change the story at this point. Though I am sure that eventually I’ll change my mind and have to come back and work on a Second Edition at some point. That’s just how I am.

So, how do I feel about the first month? A conflict of varied emotions, certainly. And how do I feel about the next month? More of the same. But, honestly, I mostly feel excited about the opportunity I have. My murder mystery novel is not the only novel I have sitting around, it’s not the only story I know how to write. I can write mystery, science fiction, fantasy, horror, satire, and just about anything that pops into my mind. And, actually, I already have. I know I can one day be the successful writer that I’ve dreamed of being for years now, because I’ll keep writing and I’ll keep getting better.

And this past month will be where it all began.


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