The Eminence of Bardon Roket: Excerpt #1

~The World According to Bardon~

As were the roads filled with autos, so were the sidewalks filled with people. Bardon paid them as much attention as he paid the autos, which is to say that he knew of their existence, but saw them merely as obstacles to be avoided along the path to his destination. It should be noted here that this allows another peak into the workings of Bardon’s mind.

Occasionally he’d hear the barks of newspapermen hawking their wood pulp-derived wares, covered in the scrawlings of faux-philosophers and wild-eyed ambulance chasers or, at worst, the scandalous details of the lives of people important only in their own minds. Other times the sounds of honking horns, as impatient drivers, largely unaware that the auto in front of them could go no faster, repeatedly called attention to themselves as they languished in a blind, frothing rage. This state of mind seemed endemic of the City at large.

People would sometimes stop to talk and their idle banter would slowly get louder, just loud enough for Bardon to pick out a few words, before fading away into the background again. Occasionally the click-clack of a commuter train as it passed by overhead, it’s piercing howl cutting through the noise of the world as its engine let off excess steam. And the ever-present buzz of dirigibles as they ferried people high above the City, a constant reminder that they lived in an age of technology.

The City was a noisy place filled with noisy things and noisy people, crowded and lively, though Bardon did not use that last word in a positive manner. It was enough to make one’s head ache, in his estimation. Everyone wanted to talk over everyone else, to have their voice heard, and they were too impatient to wait even a single second. It was the sort of thing that someone ought to do something about.


Still got a bit left to do before the book is all finished up, but it’s definitely very close. Should be ready by next week.


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