Sneak Peak: Fragments of Mind

While digging through my folders, I rediscovered a batch of short stories I wrote a few years back. Some of them are really quite good, too, so it would be a pity to see them go to waste. I’ve decided to go through them again, punch up any sagging sentences or paragraphs and put them together into a collection. I’ll probably be ready to go on them sometime in late March, so they’re still a ways out, but today you can catch a peak at the stories that are going into this collection.

A Day in the Life of a Dark Lord – Fantasy and satire collide with the least-evil Dark Lord ever.

My Mechanical Soul – The story of the world’s first robotic detective

Pollen – A mysterious pollen has spread across the world, leaving Jace [who is allergic to the pollen] completely isolated

The Blasted Lands – A mysterious traveler is on the trail of his quarry through a bizarre, twisted world

The Box – A box containing something so desirable that people will kill for it

The Watchers – Two scientists are forced to leave the confines of their research station and venture into a world they know little about

These Tattered Dreams – Two synthetic humans meet after the end of the world

Two for the Money – Lister is ripped from his comfortable life by a girl who loves adventure

Public Security – One man’s insanity infects the entire city, or is it the other way around?

I’ve also got a few others short stories that are finished or close to being finished that I may put some work into if I feel like they’re good enough to make it. I’ll drop some more information, and a cover, in the coming weeks.


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