The Eminence of Bardon Roket

~The Eminence of Bardon Roket~

Consider Bardon Roket, a child of just twelve years, a dreamer of big dreams. And what dream resides within the mind of Bardon Roket? Why, a plan to conquer the entire world, of course.

In the world of adults, it’s tough for a child to get anything, so Bardon’s got to start small. Just a lemonade stand at first, a simple thing suggested by Nicholas, an enthusiastic youth who is among Bardon’s initial group of partners. Also joining him are the strangely-fascinating Jenna and the positively-ancient Ardy. Each day, inexplicably, brings in more and more money. Never one to question dumb luck, Bardon builds and expands as he moves ever higher among the political and corporate spheres that rule the City.

But as his power grows, so to do the numbers of his enemies. Ambitious men in positions of authority are good at sniffing out their own and they realize all too quickly what Bardon is planning. Roadblocks and back-room dealings, even an assassination attempt or to. There is little that his enemies will not attempt in order to prevent Bardon Roket from making his dream come true.

Away from his ambitious work, Bardon slowly grows closer to his partners, even going so far as to see them as the first friends he’s ever had in his young life. But Jenna is special. There’s something about her that he can’t quite figure out. As Bardon reaches closer to his elusive dream, he begins to wonder if all this power and wealth is truly what he was wants out of life.

THE EMINENCE OF BARDON ROKET is a satire of the corporate and political worlds coupled with a coming of age story.


I almost forgot to post a synopsis for this one! Anyway, I’d say the time frame for release is early March. There’s still a few things I want to fix up and I’d like to spend a little time building up some hype before release.


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