Revisiting Old Friends

Over the course of three years of serious writing, I’ve amassed quite a collection of ideas, novels, and short stories. Some of them are really quite good and some of them really are not. But it’s always nice to go back and revisit a story that I’d completely forgotten about and realize that it actually wasn’t that bad. Right now I’m going through some of the short stories I wrote a while ago, getting them ready for Fragments of Mind, and I’ve realized that some of them are a lot better than I remembered. Since I’d almost completely forgotten about them, reading through them again is like going back to a favorite book or movie after having not read or watched it in a long time. There’s a flood of emotions, of nostalgia, for all those little things you liked so much about it all those times before. Somehow it makes me feel like I’m not wasting my time, that those things I wrote years ago and never did anything with don’t have to continue to languish in obscurity forever.

Old friends…yeah, those stories are kind of like that.


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