The Eminence of Bardon Roket: An Excerpt

~A Modest Beginning~

“We need money,” Bardon said. Everyone looked up from the food table, appearing as if they’d been caught doing something that they weren’t supposed to be doing. “Anyone have any ideas that may help us on this front?”

Nicholas raised his hand. “Lemonade stand.”

“Lemonade stand,” Bardon said, merely repeating the words as if they held no particular meaning to him. The words floating listlessly in the air for a moment before crashing to the ground with a heavy thud, which went wholly unnoticed by Nicholas.

“Yah,” Nicholas said through several layers of half-chewed meat.

“And this will solve our financial problems, yes?”

Nicholas swallowed, nearly choking himself in the process. Jenna slapped him roughly on the back. “Ah, thanks. Sure, my dad’s always trying to get me to set one up during the summer, but I never do. Always looked like too much trouble, you know?”

Bardon rubbed his temple. He could feel a vein throbbing up there somewhere, the blood pounding against the walls of the tiny vessel as it sought escape. “Anyone else have an idea?” Silence. “No?” Silence. “Well, I suppose it’s the lemonade stand after all. Maybe next week we can have a bake sale!”


Editing is coming along at a nice pace, just cleaning things up and making sure no little mistakes slip through. Availability is still 10-15 days away, but there’s no reason not to give everyone another taste of what’s ahead. Look forward to it!


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