Genre Highlight: Cyberpunk Science Fiction

I would very much like to write a cyberpunk novel sometime. To date, I haven’t. Thus far I haven’t yet hit upon a story that I feel would work for a full-length novel, at least one that wouldn’t be total garbage. The problem is that this is a narrow genre and so much has already been done in it. William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy [Neuromancer and its sequels], Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, Blade Runner, and the Ghost in the Shell franchise from Japan. It’s all been done before, and much better than I could ever do it.

You can blame Blade Runner for my obsession with the genre, I’ve probably watched it at least ten times and could watch it ten more without getting bored. I even went all the way to Dallas just to see the Final Cut in theater. There’s just something about those bleak urban landscapes that sucks me in, glowing with neon and filled with structures too massive to be real. The dark skies, the constant rain, the dichotomy between soaring skycrapers that reach closer and closer to the sky and the abject poverty in the streets. The steady march of technology as it slowly consumes every aspect of our lives, to the point of total dependence. I find it all so absolutely compelling.

I’ve been searching for a good story for some time. A few have come and gone, like a detective who gets a job to find someone who wants to “kill” a cyborg or a police investigator who has to uncover information about a “net bomb” which will destroy every electronic device in the world. On the surface, they don’t seem so bad. But those short lines are literally all there is to those stories and I don’t feel too confident that I can make them anything more than that. But I’ll keep looking for that story that stands out from all the rest, the one that forces me to write it.


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