New Release: Murder at the End of the World

I’ve been writing seriously for nearly three years now. I’ve written more than half a dozen full-length novel and at least twice as many short stories. I’ve written and edited until it feels I can’t possibly do it anymore. I’ve sent dozens of queries to literary agents in the vain hope of hearing back. Now it’s time to get serious. So, without further ado, Murder at the End of the World is now available for purchase at Amazon’s Kindle marketplace:

It’s just a dollar, so check it out and then leave a little feedback when you’re done. Don’t like it? Let me know what I can do to improve it, I’m always looking to get better at what I do and write and even better book next time. Like it? Leave a review on the Amazon page telling why you liked it and what stood out. Maybe even tell a friend. There should have been a link for the Barnes & Noble Nook version, but that won’t be available until next week, so if you’ve got a Nook and not a Kindle, don’t worry. You’ll be able to read it soon enough.

Anywya, this is a big step for me, but it’s not the last by any means. Murder at the End of the World is just the start, there will be more novels to come. So keep watching this blog to see what’s coming up next!


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