Murder at the End of the World: Except #2

~A Meeting at Midnight~

The young man began to nervously wring his hands, his hood twisting this way and that. They were alone in the park, completely alone. Allison took a step towards him.

“No!” he exclaimed. “Don’t come any closer!” He took a step back and nearly fell. “They can’t know I’ve been here, they can’t. Do you understand? Maybe…maybe they already know, we’ve already been here for too long!”

He was raving, his eyes wild and savage like a cornered beast. Whatever he might know, he was the beyond the point of being able to properly explain it. Allison found herself at a loss, unsure of what to say or do. The young man paused then, staring at her. Without warning, he ran forward, grabbing Allison by the shoulders before she could reach for her pistol and nearly pushing her to the ground.

“They came in the night!” he exclaimed. “Dark cloaks, dark faces! Always the same when they come! Always the same!” The hood of his cloak slipped off his head, revealing a face that was etched with scars and smudged with grime. He must have seen the shock in her eyes, because he let go of her then and stepped away. “When I awoke, she was gone. The shadows took her, like they take everyone. Soon they’ll be nothing left but empty streets and empty buildings. Empty, dead.” His eyes grew wide, white all around the irises. “They took her into the deep places, took her for their…their…”

A strong gust of wind sprayed snow in Allison’s face and she raised her hand to ward it off. When it stopped, and she lowered her arm, the young man was gone. The erratic marks of his boots as they fled into the darkness were already disappearing.


It’s still coming very soon, believe me! Right now I’m scrambling around trying to come up with a cover for this thing, hopefully I can get something worked out so that I don’t have to use that painfully generic default cover on Amazon.


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  1. Jay Clark

    I read and became excited…

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