Coming Soon

Just thought I’d give everyone a little head’s up about what I’ve got going on. First and foremost is Murder at the End of the World, it’s not my first novel but it will be the first that anyone actually has the chance to purchase and read. It’ll be going up on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles e-book stores very soon, likely within the next seven days unless something wild comes up. But what else have I got? Well, here they are:

~Almost Ready~

  • Murder at the End of the World – A mystery novella tinged with the dark, isolated paranoia of HP Lovecraft
  • The Stone that Disturbs the Water – The first part of an epic fantasy series
  • Between Sand and Sky – A dark fantasy odyssey through a very strange and cruel land

~Needs More Work~

  • The Eminence of Bardon Roket – A satire of business and politics courtesy of a twelve year old genius with delusions of grandeur
  • Dead Eye – A scifi-western that takes place after the end of the world

~No One Will Ever Read This Ever~

  • The Martian Empire Trilogy – A scifi trilogy that was the first full-length story I ever wrote, but you’ll never read it because it’s really quite terrible. Sorry.

~Rough Ideas Yet Unwritten~

  • Arthur Ronix: Hero for Hire – Fantasy satire in the vein of Terry Pratchett
  • Beyond the Far Horizon – A woman goes in search of lost treasure
  • Dark Science – A young genius uncovers a bizarre plot in a steampunk world
  • Winter’s Eve – Another Allison Newberry mystery, strange things are happening in a farming town
  • That Place We Dream Of – Scifi detective novel
  • Prison in the Sky – The inhabitants of a space station are trapped when nuclear war erupts
  • Military-Industrial Complex – Political satire

As you can see, I’ve got a lot on the docket for the coming months. Hopefully you see something in here that interests you, and keeps you coming back to see what I’m working on next. Personally, I’m excited about how things are going. I’ll finally be able to have people actually read what I’ve written, even contribute a tiny bit of money for the effort I’ve put in, and hopefully I can take that and write even better stories in the future.


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