Murder at the End of the World

When the wife of a politician is murdered in the isolated port-city of Illdara, junior detective Allison Newberry is sent in to keep the case from growing cold.

Immediately, the case is complicated by the very nature of the city. Its people hold their privacy sacred and see any outsiders as intruders into their insular world. Even the chief inspector is more concerned with Allison’s eventual departure than with solving the case.

But clues are scarce and little about the murder makes sense. A politician’s wife left dead at the mouth of alley, none of her money or jewelry taken. Allison’s initial investigation turns up nothing but dead ends and unanswered questions. Then a second victim appears, a homeless man killed in the same manner. A single clue is left behind, which leads Allison to the darkest corners of Illdara, to a mystery that runs deep and is more foul even than murder.

A cult operates in shadows, its practices a secret even to the people who’ve lived in the city all their lives. The ravings of a mad man tell of disappearances in the night, sacrifices for some bizarre ritual. The cult is preparing for something momentous, something which may change the very face of the world, if such ravings are to be believed.

But there is still a murder to solve and a murderer to bring to justice, whatever else.


Sound interesting? You’ll be able to read it for yourself very, very soon*!

*Really soon. Like, a week at most.


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