The Amateur Writer

Getting started in a career in writing isn’t easy. There’s no deadlines to meet, no applications to fill out and send in, and no way to truly know whether you’re ready or not. It requires self-control and self-motivation, a willingness to push yourself and not given up even when the rejection letters start piling up on your desk. That’s where I am right now: the pushing stage. I’ve got more than a dozen short stories and concepts for short stories, several full-length books at various stages of completion, and lots and lots of ideas. But none of that will make any difference if I don’t put myself out there for scrutiny.

The reason I’m establishing this blog is to give me a place to talk about my progress and to make sure that I don’t forget where I’m going and what I’m trying to accomplish. If my insight and my trials provide entertainment or knowledge, so much the better. If you’re an agent and stumbled across this humble blog and want to know more, so much the better.

Now, it’s time to get to work!


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